Resolve to Quit Wishing and start implementing

  1. NO never kills! In 2017, understand that NO is part of your life journey, it’s part of what grows you and gives your story all the beauties it will have. No one climbs a smooth and levelled mountain and no levelled ground will have a peak. Understand this.
  2. Discouragements should never stop you!
    From starting Brown Button Foundation to kickstarting Mothers Delivery Kit and even my latest ventures, to say I haven’t been discouraged will be a big lie. When I started Mothers Delivery Kit, I was told no one will buy the kits and it was a useless venture. Today, 400,000 kits sales have proved them wrong! Whatever you do in 2017, keep pushing!
  3. Continually seek capacity building opportunities.
    Because the world is continually evolving, you cannot afford to be stagnant. Seeking capacity building skills will also help to expand your coast and think more broadly about the work that you do. Be very strategic in accessing opportunities this new year.
  4. Never wait for funding!
    It’s great to have big plans, but it’s even greater to be realistic about your capacity and resource. Start small, dream big and keep growing!



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Sam Adekunle

Sam Adekunle

I am searching for purpose, I was told I can't find it in this life.... but I keep on searching