Just do it might be a trademark, brands use a lot to send the message of urgency and it can go as extreme as making you feel a sense of trepidation for wanting to do something. But as we grow in life we've got to a realisation that explains that it isn't everything we do that matters but what is mostly premeditated and well prepared for that really counts.

In the world of social media influences and a short attention span, we can barely concentrate on tasks and activities for little more than five minutes. That's why it is advised to always spend the first hour of the day to run in your mind how your day will work out and plan towards it, not too much planning, in fact, I think plan is not the word, because we have used the word plan in a lot of instances that it doesn't really mean what it reads anymore, so let's say prepare.

Using myself as an example, I am now used to the Pareto 80/20 principle which loosely translates focusing your 80 percent energy on the 20% most important things in your life. This principle helps to plan ahead and not "Just Do It" I do it well. I do it because I prepared for it, I do it because I spend most time of the day thinking of that 20% thing I want to be done, other thoughts might just filter in, but I intentionally keep the little part am focusing on pivotal.

A lot of motivational speeches has ended with "just do it", and it sometimes put undue pressure on many of us young people trying to figure out what to do with our lives. Many of us thinking of what opportunities we might be missing on, envying our friends who seem to be faking a better life, researching on better skill set to add to our repository and other trivia issues like relationship, dieting, looking physically fit and all.

You Can't Just Do it, and that's the honest truth, no you can't... What are things you can just do? You can just brush your teeth, you can just take your bath, you can just put on your TV, you can just take a walk, you can just pick up a book and read and many other silly kinds of stuff you can just do for fun, yeah.

Facing things that matter in life, you need to be intentional, you need to think about it, you need to sit down, wait, chill, maybe pray, play and do whatever ritual you do to get your Mojo. Fine, it can just come while doing random stuff? You might be playing a video game and you'll get an idea of what to talk about in a presentation the next day? Or by doing random house chores get a tip on how to surprise your girlfriend? Just by seeing an Instagram Food picture you can be inspired to make good food for your Mom or Grandma or Pa? Things you just do are just things that will never matter, they are rituals every human must do.

Sometimes, if you don't know what to do, you do nothing, sure there's no way you can do nothing but remember it's okay to take a break. It's always okay to not do it at all than to just do it. Doing nothing means channeling your energy on other things that build up your inner core.

If you don't know what to do, think, sleep, eat, don't panic, don't be anxious, it builds up negative chemicals inside of you. Doing nothing means flowing with the wind, having time to think straight, putting down structure when the time comes. Doing nothing doesn't mean being lazy, it doesn't mean being complacent, it means being in a state of nothingness. No pressure, no pursuant, no doubt, no fear. This state is very critical because you don't stay in it for too long, and when you're out of this stage of life you don't look back again. You already know what you want to do.

You can't just do it because you are like a bull, you need to charge, you don't just start running, you don't just start going, you don't just do it..... You get motivated, you get tired of your comfort zone, you get bored of doing nothing... that's why it's critical to do nothing, it makes you feel bored, feel anger at yourself, you feel the need to amp your productivity levels, you do it well. It's like flying for the high jump, you need to have built up, maintain a pace, then jump. It is easier to jump when you have a good build up.

Next time if anyone asks you to Just do it, ask; do what? Know what you want to do, ask questions, be prepared. Know why you’re doing what you want to do, it gives you better inner strength, it helps to be consistent, so when you are stuck on the way you can say reiterate the reason for doing whatever you’re doing.

Thanks for reading, I am experimenting writing, and I think if I do this frequently I'll get better, tell me how bad/well I did in the response thank you... We are both learning.
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I am searching for purpose, I was told I can't find it in this life.... but I keep on searching

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Sam Adekunle

I am searching for purpose, I was told I can't find it in this life.... but I keep on searching