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If you’re reading this article, it means I finally decided to publish something after taking a long hiatus. I write sometimes, but I never find the courage to publish.

I felt this sense of urgency to write about the Pipe vs Platform Business model after observing trends in the fintech space in Africa and Nigeria to be precise. Over a couple of years, I have reviewed hundreds of pitch decks, business models and rough ideas. This is not because I am a busy investor(I'm not), but because I lead a…

NFT DOG Search

Abeg, no vex, na joke. What we’re actually talking about are NFTs and the sudden buzz around them.

If you didn’t know, NFTs are Non-Fungible Tokens, and here’s why they’re such a thing. This year alone the NFT market has grown by 1785% and we’ve seen massive sales in the NFT marketplace.

For example, Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet for $2.9 million. Beeple also sold their ‘The First 5,000 Days’ artwork for a staggering $69,346,250.

NFTs help buyers own digital assets that can appreciate later in life. Think of it like this: someone buys the first art from a…

L-R — Ayobami Adebayo, Peter Aletor and Mike Rosanje

Startup founders need to be prepared at all times because they never know when they’d be called upon for an elevator pitch.

A scenario played itself around me recently. Peter Aletor a Director at APEL Capital gave a weekend visit to our office (Opolo) sometimes last month and went around our workspaces to understand what we are building.

Mike, founder of one of our portfolio startups also happened to be using our boardroom for an advisory session.

Peter was impressed and was about leaving when we beguiled him to one of our funny culture of taking a picture with…

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The value exchange system has an underlying effect that most people pay little attention to; or harness.

I want to share a story of how sowing seeds of kindness (and value) can be of great benefit in subsequent times. Sometimes, actions from our inherent nature don’t have immediate consequences so we are lost in the vain attempt to track its metrics.

About 3 years ago, I co-founded a Bootcamp model coding session with my friend Tobi Olagoke. We were able to use our network of friends to build and train other youngsters in Coding and Design. …

Many things drive people to do a lot of things, many a time we do all we do to please some people in our lives. Maybe our parents or childhood friends or spouses or our bosses to show that we are a better person. Many times, it’s as a result of a comparison, a comparison can be a good thing or a bad thing.

People get tired of pursuing things as soon as the purpose of the pursuit is being defeated. Many times, we pursue success as a result of Fear. …

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I stare into your icy eyes

you’re all I see.

Lost in your stare,

though my heart be as cold as stone,

I shiver at your every touch,

Your touch brings warmth and fire

burning and melting my cold stone heart away….

The very heat that drives me crazy

I can’t lay hold of my emotions

my strategy drops and fizzle

I choke trying to express my brain waves

as I feel the crushing weight of the universe

and every neurones as a black star

going supernova all at a time.

Your smile is a succour to the soul


Just do it might be a trademark, brands use a lot to send the message of urgency and it can go as extreme as making you feel a sense of trepidation for wanting to do something. But as we grow in life we've got to a realisation that explains that it isn't everything we do that matters but what is mostly premeditated and well prepared for that really counts.

In the world of social media influences and a short attention span, we can barely concentrate on tasks and activities for little more than five minutes. That's why it is advised…

In my younger years, I wished to be like Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates, not necessarily because they are extremely rich (Infact, I hate being that rich, it automatically makes many people poor) but it was because of the impact they’ve been able to make globally. Five years ago, after i have grown older and a bit wiser, i started reconsidering my choices.

I first met Elon Musk on a Ted (like in a YouTube video) and was astounded at how he made extremely complex problems he was solving so easy. I am very young, infact i am still in…

Incase you don’t know, we have changed our Twitter handle from @Consonanceng to @Consonaceclub to resonate with our website (not launched yet). Sadly, we still need more followers on Twitter, so we implore you to go follow us on our new handle, retweet us, and respond to our tweets, let’s promote this, Thank you.

Welcome to this week’s newsletter, like we said last week, we are resolute to keep this coming every week, we have collated the best resource for your development this week, so don’t let this newsletter rot in your mail instead, keep digging into the links here…

Picture of a founder pitching at a TechCrunch BattleField Africa cohort

This article was written in context to business ecosystem in Nigeria and Africa as an extension, I hear a lot of startups going and around lately, and watch as many die on arrival why others waste money trying to prove they need to start a business to be relevant in the World. I have no problem with ambition and love energy when I see it even if its negative energy.

Studying Nigeria’s history, we see it’s a country or community that has been christened on trade, from the Portuguese in the 1600 to the Dutch and English, fine slave trade…

Sam Adekunle

I am searching for purpose, I was told I can't find it in this life.... but I keep on searching

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